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Meetings 2017

We meet on the first or second Friday of the month (unless indicated otherwise) and our 2017 programme is as follows:

Friday 6 January

Chile, part 2 – Colin Norton

Friday 3 February

Peru – John Arnold

Friday 3 March

Socotra, Island of dragons – Neil Oakman

Friday 21 April (third Friday)

Teasing the pixels and Succulent roofing – Ray Stephenson

Friday 12 May (second Friday)

Mexico 2011, Guanajuasto to Chihuahua – Chris Davies

Sunday 21 May

Display at Thwaite Botanic Gardens, Cottingham

Friday 16 June (third Friday)

I is for ...– Ian Robinson

Friday 14 July (second Friday)

Gardens of the Western Cape – Trevor Wray

Sunday 6 August

Open greenhouses
Colin Norton and Ann Lowry

Friday 15 September (third Friday)

Succulent Geraniaceae – Derek Tribble

Friday 13 October (second Friday)

Hunting the hedgehog – Peter Berresford

Friday 10 November (second Friday)

AGM and members' pictures

Friday 8 December (second Friday)

Christmas Party and Bob's Quiz