Meetings 2018

Friday 5 January

Plants in my greenhouse – Colin Norton

Friday 2 February

I've never been to Peru – Neil Hyde

Friday 2 March

Return to the USA, part 1 – Graham Walker

Friday 6 April

Bacon and Haworthias – Dorothy Minors 

Friday 4 May

Teasing the pixels and succulent roofing – Ray Stephenson

Friday 1 June

Neoporterias – Alasdair Glen

Friday 6 July

Surprise guest speaker and subject

Sunday 5 August

Open greenhouses
M Davey, Colin Norton and Ann Lowry

Friday 7 September

In search of amethysts, black and yellow gold – John Hughes

Friday 5 October

South Africa via Tucson – Eddy Harris

Friday 2 November

AGM and members' pictures

Friday 7 December

Christmas Party and Bob's Quiz



St Nicholas Church Hall
Pickering Road


First Friday of the month


7.30pm start

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